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Related article: Date: Tue, 6 Oct 2009 22:51:17 -0700 (PDT) From: JD Subject: ADVENTURES IN THE MANCAVE, part 1My first shared story, hope it gets a rise. All comments are welcome.Part 1.I finally arrived at my buddy Tom's house fairly late in the evening. He was expecting me of course as he greeted me at the gate to his house grounds. It was a new place for him and my first visit. The quad area behind the gate was quaint and well kept as far as I could see from the light of a nearly full moon. I've always felt frisky and kinda horny on nights when the moon looks full. He briefly showed me around with a cursory tour of his new house, the hot tub and patio area and his recently finished guest house. The guest house was converted from a garage to a rather comfortable living space. Large screen TV at the back wall, sofa, computer desk, a kickin stereo system, small fridge and wet bar. Everything a guy needs when he needs his space Tom added."Well, this is it. Welcome to the Mancave, my friend." he said with a wry smile."Wow I didnt expect this!" I returned, "Your mancave is sweet dude. I can hangout in here all night.""Hey, me cave es su cave" Tom said in funny spanish accent."Make yourself at home buddy."I did. We both grabbed a beer from his stock and after some small talk Tom turned on his computer and looked for some porn to get us in the mood. I was already in the mood. I could see that he had quite a bulge already and this beer wasn't quenching my thirst. I rearranged my own self as my anticipation got my own cock leaking precious precum."So, what do you feel like watching?" Tom was referring to what kind of porn I preferred."I really dont care too much, just as long as the volume is on." I replied, thinking the sounds of sex gets me hot,..."Besides Tom, I can't see the screen when your dick is going to be in my mouth."That got his attention. "Well well aren't you the direct one?" he said as he came over in front of me sitting on the couch. He stood right in front of me, his dick hiding inches away from my face. I purposely made my tongue lick my own lips to get them wet and ready."Go ahead bud, get that dick and suck it good." Tom encouraged.I Porn Lolita Pedo did. I reached out and unbuttoned his Levi's. He helped by pulling his shorts down and his cock flopped out. It wasn't completely hard yet but it smelled good and I flicked my tongue across the fat head. That's all it took. I engulfed his cock, making sure his cockhead was all the way in. My nose was buried in his close cropped pubes. I came up for air and again and again took Tom's big dick all the way to the back of my throat. He liked it that way." Oh yeah, that feels great." Tom said as he caressed the back of my head."Grab my dick and stroke it like...Oh yeah, that's it."I knew how he liked his dick sucked. He wants the firm grasp and quick in/out motion with my mouth, keeping his cockhead inside my mouth. I used my upper lip as a ridge to rub the ridge of his growing head. It didn't take long for his fully hard dick to give me my first reward. His precum was not quite as sweet as my own but getting that taste in my mouth made me work harder to milk him dry. It was a mouthful, and I kept my mouth full."O, fuck you suck it best...damn dude.....slow down...ugh ugh....i dont ...want to ..cum just yet, fuck!" Tom exclaimed.I let him go and his cock glistened with my saliva dripping from his dick. Damn, it was good enough to eat. Oh, wait, I was. I sat gasping for breath."Ok its your turn bud." Tom said as he dropped to his knees, licking his own lips.Tom liked it this way. He liked being on his knees giving head. I guess it was sort of a submissive way of his but I let him do it. I actually preferred to be sitting or laying down rather Porn Lolita Pedo that standing as I can relax better. He wanted me to stand as the angle of my hard dick made it better for him. He was a fairly good cocksucker but he rarely could last long enough to make me cum. He just didn't have the stamina to last until I was ready to shoot. But I was ok with this. I really wanted to just be his personal cocksucker. Oh dont get me wrong, I love my own dick being serviced, but for him I wanted to be the cocksluttonite.He lasted less than five minutes before he had to stop and take a break.So thats the way it went for about an hour i think, we traded blowjobs, with porn playing in the background, gulped beer, and toked until finally we changed it up."Dude, Ive got an idea." Tom announced.I preferred him to take charge, it was his mancave and I wanted to play the dutiful cocksucker." Lets move it to the floor so we can 69."" That's fine by me." I said. In fact that was my preference. I love to worship and suck cock while my own is getting wet."Let me be on the bottom." I proclaimed.That way he can pump his cock better and I wanted to feel his weight atop me.His cock fit so well inside my mouth, his curvature rubbing my palate, my tongue licking his shaft and his cockhead pushing down my throat. I was loving it."Hey down there...rub my balls" he commanded.I took his cock out and stroked it with my fist while I attempted to lick and suck his hairless balls. His testicles were large and dropped down low enough where I could Porn Lolita Pedo get one inside my mouth and I had fun rolling it around then the other back and forth."OK, ok that was more than I asked for...fuck!....now suck my cock a..." He was cut off when I swallowed his meat down my throat in one swift motion. I grabbed his buttocks in an effort to get him to pump and fuck away. I smacked his ass and that got him going. He started fucking my mouth like no tomorrow. His hard cock seemed to grow and felt huge in my tiny mouth. Saliva was dripping out my mouth, precum was oozing out his dick and I was dizzy. I don't know for sure how long this lasted, but soon enough my throat just sorta relaxed and opened. My throat just relinquished and I felt his balls slamming on my nose and his thick cock still oozing tasty precum that was further down than ever. I could not breathe but I wasn't panicking, this is what big Tom needed..a throat to fuck, my throat and I wanted him to just go for it. I smacked his ass again encouraging him to pump freely. Come on big guy fuck this cock whore.... "ugh ugh godamit!...godamn!...Fuckin ay.... you sweet little cocksucker!!""He finally gave me some air as he pulled out. It was only about five seconds. The time it took for him to get up turn around and face towards me squatting down and offer his fat wet cock to me again. "AAHHHHH..." was my reply. "Take this you slut..." he said as he plunged his throbbing cock into my mouth again.In this position, he fucked me furiously, not caring that I was gagging and spitting and tears flowing down my face. I was a good boy too. Giving great care to keep my teeth clear and provide a hot pussy mouth for my friend.I guess my gagging and gasps for air, with drool flowing onto his feet, did he realize to think that maybe I needed a break. I wasn't asking for one but when he stopped pumping his dick and just let it rest in my face hole that he saw I was grinning from ear to ear. But I didn't stop. Oh no. I kept licking his shaft and balls, whatever I could reach with my tongue. I loved to just languish with a hard cock and savor its flavor. I love to feel every inch of it and explore it with my tongue. Mmmmm more precum he gives me..yummy.We had moved ourselves back to the couch, had another beer refresher when I told him,.." I want your hot cum Tom. Can I suck you until you explode that hot white cum all over me?" "I'm so ready to taste that hot sticky cum you got boiling in Porn Lolita Pedo your balls." How do you want me? on the floor? on my knees? or on the...""Wait" he interrupted."I'll give you my load not too worry but i want you to do something for me"..."Yes?" said I.He looked down and saw my own hard cock. I'm always hard when I suck I get so turned on.He had got a jar of lube and rubbed his ass all wet. He said that" I want you to rub your cock against my asshole. Dont stick it in, because I have no condoms right now, but i want to feel a real life cock against my asshole. Can you do that for me?"Now that threw me for a loop. Tom and I were cocksucking buddies only and now he wanted to go another level. Of course I obliged, but I wanted his cum, not my dick rubbing his hole, his mancave...His asshole was puckered tight and very clean. he was prepared for this. While my wet cock was rubbing, his fingers were sliding in and out of his hole. His ass was primed and lubed and ready. He reminded again not to fuck him. Just the very tip of my dick was pushing his hole open and open it did, but I honored my friends request not to just fuck him silly right there."Hey Tom, now its my turn." Do the same to me" was my command to him. " I want to feel your cock playing with my mancave too."My most recent girlfriend had thoroughly made me her personal ass slut. She would rim my own hole and tongue-fuck me forever. She had always said she wished she had a dick so she could get to fuck me. If I do it to her..she should be able to do it to me. Can't argue with that logic. Anyway I got down on the floor with my head cradled in my crossed arms and my ass high in the air. Face down ass up baby!This forced Tom into a position of straddling my hips and his hard cock knocking at my backdoor. His precum was enough to lube my butt. He stroked his cock against my ass and this was driving me crazy, I wanted to scream out. O god just STICK IT IN and FUCK ME! Please fuck my ass with your big wet cock, fuck me Tom. Do it!He didn't.I was so on the verge. "Give me cum damit! Fuck this bullshit Tom. Give me your dick you mother fucker!" I opened my mouth pointing here...as I scurried back on the couch.Tom was ready too...I could see it in his eyes."Man, I'm so ready to blow my load, come and get it boy." he said as he straddled my body and pushed his hot cock into my face.He grabbed my hair and proceeded to fuck any living daylights outta me. It was awesome! Precum flowed so freely that I was gulping it and swallowing constantly. He grabbed my hand and I knew he wanted me to jerk while I sucked his heavenly cock. Tears started flowing down my face again as I tried with every fiber of my being to get my cumload reward. I did every trick I knew to get his cock to explode. Spit was drooling off my chin, his cock was so fucking thick and engorged, he was trembling and I knew it would be soon. And then...."O, O fuck....yes..thats it...O fuck me... god yes... O mother of fuck. Thats it baby." I urged him on as best I could with a mouth of dick, grabbed his ass, pulled him into me...His cockhead grew, it would be soon." O yea..yes Ohhh here it cums....yeah yeah yeah O fuck!" and with that he sprayed my throat with his cum. He pulled out and shot long sticky robes of cum on my face, chest, hands and I tried to catch his spurting cock with my mouth once again. Here I could slow down and savor his cock once again, sucking out his cum and accepting my place at the end of his glorious dick. Thanks Tom.
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